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'abgleich' 0.0.7 released
A ZFS synchronization and backup tool

0.0.7 release of abgleich, a simple ZFS sync tool and pleiszenburg.de open source project. Yet another pure bug-fix release.

  • BSD
  • Backup
  • Linux
  • Python
  • Python Package
  • Release
  • Unix
  • ZFS


abgleich is a simple ZFS sync tool. It displays source and target ZFS zpool, dataset and snapshot trees. It creates meaningful snapshots only if datasets have actually been changed. It compares a source zpool tree to a target, backup zpool tree. It pushes backups from a source to a target. It cleanes up older snapshots on the source side if they are present on the target side. It runs on a command line and produces nice, user-friendly, human-readable, colorized output. It also includes a GUI.


  • FIX: tree now properly checks if source or target is up, depending on what a user wants to see, see #20.
  • FIX: All abgleich commands can properly initialize (instead of crashing) if the target tree is empty, see #19.
  • FIX: tree shows message if there is no tree instead of crashing, see #18.


Installation instructions are available on Github.

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